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Q: What is the song 6 foot 7 foot about?
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What does 6 foot 7 foot mean in a song?

My dick

What is roc Royal from mindless behavior favorite song?

6 foot 7 foot

What is Daddy Yankee's favorite song?

6 foot 7 foot by Lil Wayne

Does 6 foot 7 foot say eff Madonna?

Yeah it does around the middle of the song

Who came up with the song 6 foot 7 foot?

Lil Wayne

What song says 6ft 7ft 8ft bunch?

6-foot 7-foot by Lil Wayne

What album is 6 foot 7 foot on?

It's a single song. Sort of a preview for the carter IV

What does 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot hut mean?

It is a reference to the lyrics in the Harry Belafonte hit "Day-O"(Banana Boat song)

What year did 6 foot 7 foot come out?


What does lil Wayne say in the background of 6 foot 7 foot?

He Says Gimme money banana Gimme money banana...Gimme bottle of rum, 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch.

How tall is aj?

6 foot 7

What has 6 legs and 1 foot?

the answer is 7