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Jo /joanne that her name

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Q: What is the singer in Gathering Blue?
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What is the singers robe In gathering blue?

In "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry, the Singer wears a robe that is dyed blue, symbolizing his importance and status in the community. The robe serves as a symbol of authority and wisdom, distinguishing him from other members of the village.

What is the worship object in gathering blue?

In "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry, the worship object is a carved figure of a Singer, symbolizing the power and importance of music and storytelling in the community. It is a sacred object that is central to their worship ceremonies and rituals.

When was Gathering Blue created?

Gathering Blue was created in 2000.

Why is the singer in Gathering Blue chained up?

The singer in Gathering Blue is chained up as a symbol of control and power by the Council of Guardians who want to manipulate his ability to sing in order to support their authority over the community. It is a way for the Council to limit his freedom and ensure his compliance with their demands.

Who wrote the book ''Gathering Blue''?

"The Gathering" was written by Anne Enright.

What is the ISBN of Gathering Blue?

The ISBN-13 for "Gathering Blue" by Lois Lowry is 978-0-547-88717-3.

What does gathering mean in gathering blue?

a little house

What is exposition of gathering blue?

The exposition in Gathering Blue is Kira is in a small cott in her small villiage

Is Gathering blue a young adult fiction novel?

Yes. Gathering Blue is a book for teenagers.

Is there war in gathering blue?

No, there is no actually war in Gathering Blue, unless you count war in the mind.

What does the singers robe from gathering blue look like?

The singer's robe in "Gathering Blue" is described as being bright and shiny, made from colorful threads that shimmer in the light. It is adorned with intricate patterns and designs, signifying the importance and ceremonial nature of the singer's role in the community.

What are some similes in gathering blue?

One simile in "Gathering Blue" is when the Singer's voice is described as "soft and gentle like a summer breeze." Another simile is when Kira compares a piece of cloth to the "pink of dawn." These similes help create vivid imagery that enhances the reader's understanding of the story and characters.