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They are all straight.

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Q: What is the sexual orientation of one direction?
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What is Zayn Malik's sexual orientation?

Zayn Malik, the British singer with pop boyband 'One Direction' has not stated his sexual orientation in public. WikiAnswers will not speculate on what is personal and private information to any individual.

What was the sexual orientation of Frances Bavier?

Frances Bavier's sexual orientation was never publicized, so no one knows.

Why does Anne Heck change sexual orientation so often?

There is no such famous person as Anne Heck, and no one can change their sexual orientation.

What is the sexual orientation of Morrissey?

Morrissey has intentionally created a mystique regarding his sexual orientation. No one knows for certain, and that is how Morrissey prefers it.

What are the three aspects of sexual self-definition?

The three aspects of sexual self-definition are sexual orientation (who one is attracted to), gender identity (how one identifies their gender), and sexual behavior or practices (what one does sexually).

What is the sexual orientation of the Grinch?

The Character of Santa Claus is described as having a female wife, but otherwise sexual orientation is not defined as one of his characteristics.

What was Dorthea Dix's sexual orientation?

Nothing is known of her sexual orientation.

What is Soko's sexual orientation?

Soko's sexual orientation is heterosexual/straight.

What is the sexual orientation of 'the joker'?

The Joker's sexual orientation is not written into his character.

What is the sexual orientation of flapjack?

The character of Flapjack is not written with sexual orientation

Are gay people unclean?

No. No one is unclean because of their sexual orientation. People are unclean if they don't bathe.

What is Maxim Trankov's sexual orientation?

no one knows for sure