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The fictional character Nevil is meant to be a proper, somewhat feminine jerk, but true sexual orientation is not written in to the character description.

Since every episode with Nevil is about him trying to kiss Carly, I would say no.

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Q: What is the sexual orientation of Nevel Papperman?
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Is nevel real?

Yes he is but "Nevel Papperman" is his stage name and Reed Alexander is his real name :)

How do you spell nevel?

That is the spelling of a proper name, a lake and town in Russia (Nevel, Не́вель).The proper given name and surname is often spelledNeville (Neville Chamberlain), orNevel (Nevel Papperman), orNevil (author Nevil Shute).

How do you spell paiperman?

The spelling of the common term (paper delivery person) is paper man, or paper boy.The proper name (notably Nevel on ICarly) is spelled Papperman.

Is nevel papperman on icarly gay?

There is no evidence to suggest either way, but his character is quite camp. However, the character he plays is completely different to the actor in real life.

What is nevels real name from iCarly?

The actor who plays as Nevel Papperman in the television series "iCarly" has the real name: Reed Alexander.

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Soko's sexual orientation is heterosexual/straight.

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