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A.J. Styles is straight.

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Q: What is the sexual orientation of AJ Styles?
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Who is aj styles married to?

aj styles is married to Wendy

Who is Aj Styles?

AJ Styles is a ring name for Allen Jones.

In tna what does aj stand for in aj styles?

the aj in aj styles means Alan Jones) <<<< my new answear on the TNA forum his name is paul somthing ??!:)

Is aj styles the best tna wrestler?

It is your opinion wheather or not Aj styles is the best wrestler.

Who is aj married to?

aj styles is married to Wendy

What is AJ Styles finisher?

styles clash

Are aj styles and joey styles related?

No they are not.

What is aj styles income?

AJ Styles is an American professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling. TNA never formally relased the income for AJ Styles, but it was rumored to be around $115,000 per year.

What is aj favorite color?

AJ Styles favorite color is Blue

Where does aj styles live?

Aj Styles lives in gamesville Georgia .. America.

What name Aj styles start wrestling with?

Air Styles

Will WWE get aj styles from tna?