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"The Shining" ?

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Q: What is the scary movie that has the elevator with scary people on each floor?
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Is the 13th floor haunted house scary?

the 13th floor is so scary i could not sleep you take the elevator and it moves side to side

Who directed the movie Dark Floors?

Pete Riski was the director for the movie Dark Floor. Many people realize that it is a scary movie, and it is not suitable for small children that are scared easily.

Why do some people have a fear of elevators?

There are several reasons that a person may be afraid of elevators: * They are claustrophobic, meaning they fear small, enclosed spaces. * The elevator cables will break and they will crash into the ground floor. * The elevator may contain lots of germs on the buttons - germ phobias. * The elevator may lose power or become stuck between floors for hours. * Too many people on the elevator might be scary, and too compact for them. * They don't like many people in one enclosed space.

Is crazy people a scary movie?

no it is a comedy

Could there possibly be a scary movie with all of the scary people?

there is no chance in hell that will happen!!!!!!!!!

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Scary Movie 1.

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Scary Movie 1 Scary Movie 2 Scary Movie 3 etc. Epic Movie super hero movie disaser movie

Is Friday the 13th a good movie for people who don't like scary movies?

Well probably no. It is scary in my opinion.

Is paranormal 2 a scary movie?

Yes it is a scary movie. It is a horror movie.

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You introduce a scary movie by putting it on a preview and or get someone excited on another movie and surprise them with a scary movie of your choice.