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Their Religion is Christianity -- or did you mean denomination? As to their denomination, they are all individuals so they make their own choices, but I know that Mark Lowry was brought up Baptist. Bill Gaither is a member of The Church of God (Anderson, IN). But, the important thing is that they all believe in and follow Jesus Christ which comes across so strongly in their concerts.

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Christian; his denomination is the Church of God based in Anderson, Indiana.

Christian did you notice they do things like church etc.

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Probably mostly Baptist, Pentecostal, and Church of God (Anderson IN).

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Q: What is the religion of Gaither Vocal Band?
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Christmas Gaither Vocal Band Style was created on 2008-09-30.

Find The new Gaither Vocal Band-The first record- 1981?

Find The new Gaither Vocal Band-The first record- 1981?

Who wrote Clean by the Gaither vocal band?

Bill Gaither & Larry Gatlin

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Give It Away - Gaither Vocal Band album - was created on 2006-01-24.

Is Wes Hampton with the Gaither Vocal Band?

Yes definitely

Who plays guitar for the gaither vocal band?

Kevin Williams

What religion is the most singing done?

Christian, ....I know a Jewish group and they believe in Christianity i haven't seen them but there name is the isaacs. the hoppers, martins, easters and gaither and many others are in the Gaither vocal band or the Gaither Homecomming Friends

What is the name of a song by Gaither Vocal Band with 'live as forgiven'?

I then shall live. Lyrics by Gloria Gaither

What CD or DVD is the song 'I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy' recorded on by the Gaither Vocal Band?

There are quite a few to choose from: They originally recorded the song on the CD "Southern Classics" (though Michael English recorded it even before that) Also found on: The Best Of The Gaither Vocal Band (CD) Live From Toronto (DVD & CD) Gaither Vocal Band Reunion Vol 1 (DVD & CD)

Why did Ernie haase leave the gaither vocal band?

Ernie Haas was not a member of The Gaither Vocal Band. He was with The Cathedrals. When that group retired, Ernie formed a quartet "Ernie Haas & Signature Sound" which performed with the Gaither group and now tours here and abroad. The group has several DVDs and CDs available.

Who plays in the band Gaither?

Gaither, or "The Gaither Vocal Band" are an American gospel group comprising of 5 members; Bill Gaither, Mark Lowry, Michael English, David Phelps, and Wes Hampton. The members of the band have changed over time, yet stayed the same since 2009. The band is named after the bass player, Bill Gaither.

Where can one obtain tickets for upcoming events for the Gaither Vocal Band?

Tickets for upcoming performances by the Gaither Vocal Band may be purchased on-line at places like "songkick" or "ticketmaster". Sometimes tickets may also be available on resale sites like ebay.