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The size of the image depends on the aspect ratio of the theater screen.

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Q: What is the relative width and height of a cinema image?
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What is the Relative width height cinema image called?

Aspect Ratio

What is relative height and width of cinema image?

I think it is aspect ratio.

When presenting an image of a painting does one describe its dimensions as width X height or height by width?

It is generally height by width.

Height and width of a bitmap image?

A bitmap image doesn't necessarily have a specified height and width. It can be changed by pressing (Ctrl+E), or the long way; Image > Attributes

How can you display an image on my page?

You can by right clicking on an image and selecting "Copy Image URL" then using this code: <img src="paste the image URL here" width="width of image" height="height of image" alt="describe the picture" /> And that will show the image at the desired width and height of your choosing. If you want it to be at the original height and with just remove the those two so would look like this: <img src="paste the image URL here" alt="describe the picture" /> That will display the picture at it's original width and height.

What is a three dimensional image?

lengh width and height

How do you specify size of an image in HTML?

the <IMG> tag has two attributes, height and width that take numeric values as input which specifies the pixel height and width of the image. You can use these attributes to specify the size of the image.

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How many types of image resolution?

There is no limit to the image resolutions, sicen you can resize an image at least theoretically to have any width or height.

What is the diffence between result of change both the size of a bit mapped image and its resolution?

When you change physical size of image in Width and Height fields its not necessary to change resolution. If you publish image to web you are inerested in Width and Height of image not in resolution, if you gonna print image then you must look in Resolution, most printers need 300 pixels per inch to print. Changing Resolution field will automaticaly change Width and Height of image in Photoshop (turn on Resample Image) and you will get best possible result with pixels you have.

What is the correct formula for calculating the file size of a bitmap image?

width by height in centimeters

In image scaling the relationship of width to height is called?

Aspect Ratio If an aspect ratio of an image is changed the image will be distorted either vertically or horizontally