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{| |- | The 'red light' appeared several times in The Hobbit. The first time it was the fire that the trolls were sitting around. The next red light was the fires of the Goblins under the mountain. Another was Smaug, the dragon. And red light came out of the eyes of the dwarves being led by Thorin in the Battle of the Five Armies. |}

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Q: What is the red light in The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien?
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How do you write Bilbo Baggins' memoirs?

You don't, Bilbo wrote them himself and they became part of the Red Book of Westmarch in The Shire.The only parts we have of the Red Book of Westmarch are those parts that Tolkien translated as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. There was obviously more than this to Bilbo's, Frodo's, and Sam's memoirs.

Which does not describe Sam hobbit?

A big red bus

In 'The Hobbit' describe what Bilbo Baggins sees as he approaches the red light?

Which light? The light in Mirkwood Forest, which was in fact the wood elves lanterns as they were merry-making and feasting? Or the light in the tunnel through the Lonely Mountain, which was the glow of the innermost chamber, where Smaug the great dragon lay resting?

What was J.R.R Tolkien's favorite book?

He could read by the age of four, and could write fluently soon afterwards. His mother allowed him to read many books. He disliked Treasure Island and The Pied Piper, and thought Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was amusing but disturbing. He liked stories about "Red Indians" and the fantasy works by George MacDonald.[14] In addition, the "Fairy Books" of Andrew Lang were particularly important to him and their influence is apparent in some of his later writings :) hope this helps :)

What does Smaug look like in 'The Lord of the Rings'?

Smaug is dead before the events of The Lord of the Rings take place. In the Hobbit, he is described as red or reddish-gold, and his underside is layered with the treasure he has laid upon for decades. He has four legs and two wings (unlike his depiction in the live action films). Tolkien drew him slender and somewhat serpentine.

Why does red appear red when light falls on it?

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Red light shining on an object that reflects primarily red light will be red

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