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King Leonidas

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Q: What is the real name of the hero in the movie 300?
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Who is the hero of movie 300?

King Leonidas

What is the name of the film that is the skit of 300?

The name of the movie with the 300 skit is called Epic Movie.

Where did the actual battle of the movie 300 originate?

300 was the movie based on the battle of Thermopolaye. It took place on Thermopolaye pass, hence the name.

What was the King's name in the movie 300 where was he from?

It was Leonidas, then brave Spartan king and his 300 body guards.

Was the spartan pit in 300 real?

No, 300 is based on a true story; the spartan pit is not real.

What page in the lost hero is when they are in Medea's lair?

Around page 300

How many minutes of fighting were there in the movie '300'?

There are approximately 30 minutes of fighting in the movie 300.

Was the movie 300 real or fake?

The movie was a fictionalized account of an actual historical event.It's incredibly fictionalized, however - and the movie isn't remotely similar to what happened in real life. The biggest difference being that in real life "the 300" - were slaughtered - none survived.It's best to think of Hollywood movies that are based on real events as a type of, "What if it had happened this way" story, and to not accept anything at face value.Documentaries are, in theory, supposed to be accurate depictions of real events. Even these however are often very skewed and misrepresented.A movie made for entertainment that is "based on a real event" can by-and-large be accepted as, "This event actually happened, and that's about all the accurate information we're going to use."

Who Spartans movie?


What is Wood's favorite movie?

His favorite movie is 300.

What lesson did you learn from the movie 300?

great movie!

What was the name of the most expensive motion picture made in movie history?

Avatar (2009) with an estimated budget of $300 million.