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WWE superstars' heights are often billed as a few inches higher than their actual height. For example, Rey Mysterio is actually 5'4", but he is billed as 5'6" to make him seem taller. Here is a list of all the major WWE superstars real heights.

John Cena - 6 feet 1 inches

Triple H - 6 feet 3 inches

Randy Orton - 6 feet 4 inches

Matt Hardy - 6 feet 1 inches

Kofi Kingston - 6 feet 2 inches

The Big Show - 6 feet 11 inches

Shawn Michaels - 6 feet

MVP - 6 feet 3 inches

Jack Swagger - 6 feet 5 inches

Tommy Dreamer - 6 feet

Christian - 6 feet 1 inches

Evan Bourne - 5 feet 8 inches

Paul Burchill - 6 feet 4 inches

David Hart Smith - 6 feet 3 inches

Finlay - 5 feet 10 inches

Hurricane - 6 feet

Rey Mysterio - 5 feet 4 inches

CM Punk - 6 feet 1 inches

Edge - 6 feet 5 inches

Chris Jericho - 5 feet 11 inches

Jeff Hardy - 6 feet

Kane - 6 feet 9 inches

John Morrison - 6 feet 1 inches

Shelton Benjamin - 6 feet 3 inches

Batista - 6 feet 5 inches

Undertaker - 6 feet 8 inches

The Great Khali - 7 feet 2 inches

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6 feet and 6 inches

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6 Foot max.

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Randy orton

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Randy ortan

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Q: What is the real height of WWE wrestler batista?
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