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Hermione's wand is of Vine wood, which is a light greeny/brown colour...

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Q: What is the real color of Hermione Granger wand?
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Where can you buy Hermione Granger's wand?

There are many places where you can buy a Hermione Granger wand. The internet is a very good place to start. But a very accurate place is at Harry Potter World in Orlando.

Does Hermione Granger's wand from The Collecters Zone light up?


What happens to harrys wand?

Harry's wand was blown in two, by Hermione Granger. They are just escaping from Bathilda Bagshot's house in Godric's Hollow, when Hermione sends off a curse that rebounds and ends up hitting Harry Potter's wand. He later fixes the wand with the Elder Wand.

What size Hermione Granger's wand from the Harry Potter Series?

11 1/2 inches i think

Where did Harry Potter lose his wand?

Harry Potter didn't lose his wand, he broke it, when him and Hermione Granger were running away from Nagini, Lord Voldemort's snake at Godric's Hallow. It was because Hermione was casting a spell on Nagini when the spell backfired and hit Harry's wand.

Did Bellatrix Lestrange cut Hermione Granger with her wand?

In the book she tortured her using the Cruciatus curse. In the film the word 'Mudblod' has been cut onto her arm. It is unknown if she used her wand or knife to do this.

How does the Hermione Granger illuminating wand work?

The wand has a type of LED on the end and is powered by two AAA batteries, the LED brightens and dims, the batteries are stored inside the wand itself, so this makes it thicker than the normal wands.

Does Harry Potter like Ron Weasley or Hermione Granger better?

It is suggested in the books that the wands themselves do not differ in power, but the power lies with the wizard or witch controlling them. It is known though that Hermione's wand does not work as well when Harry is controlling it, this also applies to Hermione if she uses Harry's wand. This is known to be the same for all wands as a wand will only work perfectly when their chosen master is controlling them.

Do they make a hermione costume for adults?

Yes they do. Here are some options:;; and

Why did Hermione Granger have two wands?

it was broken by the troll in the girls bathroom

What does Hermione's battle wand do?

Hmm... Let's see. It does whatever spell Hermione is capable of pefrforming. It is a normal wand... no different to the others.

Why did Hermione not give the goblins Belletrix's wand?

Because Bellatrix's wand is broken