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I don't think it's a rave song, but it sounds like "Mama Do" by Pixie Lott... "Every night I pray... lalala." Is that the one?


I'm thinking it's more like 'oh oh oh sexy vampire' by fright ranger. try that one?

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It could also be Woah oh oh oh by Zombie Nation. I have been trying to find that song for a long time too.

Tjat could be Baby by Justin Beiber Featuring Ludacris

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kasabian - club foot

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Q: What is the rave song that goes woah woah oh oh oh oh?
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Its a song called 'your body' by Christina Aguilera

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Akon sings Oh woah oh woah oh oh oh in his song Still A Survivor. This song can be found on the KONCRETE album.

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well, it depends what octave its played in. through the fire and flames is my guess

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Its called Warriors of Time by: Black Tide

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i love jessie j

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Sean Kingston - Me love

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"I Remember You" says "woah oh oh oh."

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love like the ready set

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i belive that is by Kesha and the song is "Blow" or this place is about to blow..