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"Do not scorn a weak cub; he may become a brutal tiger."

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Q: What is the quote at the beginning of Mongol?
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Where should you put a quote?

at the beginning of the book, or at the beginning of each chapter

Where does this quote come from 'the beginning of eternity the end of time and space the beginning of every end and the end of every race'?

a winner Its not a quote its a riddle. The answer is "e"

What best describes the Pax Mongolica?

a time of prosperity, peace , and mongol beliefs

How did the Mongol Empire keep track of records?

The Mongol Empire kept track of records through written pieces. This was introduced by Genghis Khan when he promoted literacy which marked the beginning of record keeping.

What is the Jane Austen quote at the beginning of The Jane Austen Book Club movie?

The quote at the beginning of the movie (but not the book):"Is not general incivility the very essence of love?"

Are brackets used in APA when omitting beginning words from a quote?

No, brackets are not used in APA when omitting the beginning words from a quote. The beginning words can simply be omitted without the need for brackets. However, if you are omitting words from the middle or end of a quote, then you would use brackets to indicate the omission.

How do you cite or format a quote at the beginning of a paper?

Citing a quote at the beginning of a paper is the same as through out. In APA style, a quote from a book is surrounded by quotations and followed by the author's name and date of publication in parenthesis. Example: (Smith, 2014).

How do you copy a quote out of a book if the quote you want to use starts in the middle of the sentence?

When copying a quote that starts in the middle of a sentence, you can use an ellipsis (...) to indicate that the quote is a partial excerpt. Place the ellipsis at the beginning of the quote to signify that it doesn't start from the beginning of the sentence. This preserves the integrity of the original quote while indicating that it has been abbreviated for your specific purpose.

What film does the quote 'Louis I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship' come from?

This quote came from the film Casablanca. The quote was said by the character Rick Blaine.

What is the thucydides quote beginning with Peace is an armistice in a war that'?

is continuously going on

What play is the quote from the beginning of new moon from?

Romeo and Juliet- Shakesphere

What is the quote at the beginning of a chapter called?

The quote at the beginning of a chapter is typically called an "epigraph." It is a quotation or excerpt that sets the tone or theme for the content that follows in the chapter.