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Katniss recieves the broth after kissing Peeta. Katniss takes this as a message from haymitch that says "If you kiss Peeta, you will get sponsors" So that is why the broth is sent, because haymitch is trying to send her a message. Hope this helped (:

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make peeta sleep so she can go get the bag with the needs

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Haymitch sent a parachute with the broth after katniss gave peeta a kiss on the cheek

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Q: What is the purpose for the broth given to Katniss?
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What gifts were given in the hungers games and why?

Katniss received gifts. She got burn medicine because she had a burn on her calf muscle. She received a loaf of bread from District 11 cause she sang her ally, Rue (District 11), to sleep or death. There was also a pot of broth. Katniss kissed Peeta Mellark and then got the broth. She got sleep syrup to knock Peeta out in order to get the medicine at the feast to help get away his blood poisining. Finally there's a basket filled with nice food, plates, and silverware. Katniss got this when she told Peta something.

What did Haymitch Abernathy give Katniss in the hunger games?

Read the book again and if you did not read it, then read it to find the answer to this question.

What gifts was Katniss given when she was leaving?

in book one katniss's mother promises that she will take care of prim and not leave

What purpose did boiling the meat broth serve in both spallanzani and pasteur experiments?

Boiling the meat broth killed any existing microorganisms.

What purpose did the blue gift serve for Katniss and Peeta?

there was none

What is Katniss's nick name given by cina in the hunger games?

Cinna gives Katniss the nickname, 'Mocking jay'

What purpose will this gift serve for Katniss and Peeta?

It depends on the gift you are talking about.

What purpose did the burn medicine serve on Peeta and katniss?

It helped heal their burns

Is tryptone broth differential or selective media?


Who did Katniss give the mockingjay pin?

She had given it to Prim in the beginning but Prim gave it back afterwards. After that, it never mentions Katniss giving it to anyone elde :)

Did paylor let Katniss go in snow's garden on purpose in the Hunger Games?

We do not know. It does not tell us. But Katniss thinks so. And FYI its Mockingjay, not hunger games

What do the pink and white flowers given by Peeta remind Katniss of?