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The protocol for volunteering is after a tribute is reaped, there is a small space of time in which an eligible person may announce that they are to volunteer. For a single person volunteering, it is simple, they take the reaped person's place, the protocol for multiple people volunteering has been described in the books to be "complex" but the actual protocol is unknown.

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Q: What is the protocol for volunteering in Hunger Games?
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What is the protocol for volunteering in the reaping in the hunger games?

You just yell: "I VOLUNTEER!" And bam.

What are the differences in volunteering between districts in the hunger games?

Some districts have a lot more volunteers then others. In district 12 there are hardly ever any volunteers for the hunger games, so it is mostly allowed. In the higher districts it is done a lot, so they would have to limit how many, and who can volunteer for The Hunger Games.

How does Katniss ends up becoming a tribute?

Katniss ends up as a tribute in the 74th Hunger Games by volunteering for her twelve year old sister, Primrose.

How does Katniss save her sister from the reaping?

Katniss saves Prim from the reaping by volunteering to go into the arena instead of her little sister.Really, Katniss saves Prim from the Hunger Games, not the reaping. When Prim's name was called to come onto the stage so she would be announced as a tribute, Katniss was pulled back into memories. Katniss couldn't stand the thought of Prim going into the Hunger Games, she loved her so much. So Katniss volunteered to take Prim's place, and Prim was saved.

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