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Dem-eese Roo-sos

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Q: What is the pronunciation of Demis Roussos?
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What is the birth name of Demis Roussos?

Demis Roussos's birth name is Artemios Roussos.

Where is demis roussos living today?

Demis Roussos está vendendo acarajé na Bahia.

Anything about Demis Roussos he still alive?

wHAT IS dEMIS rOUSSOS DOING NOW? Is he still alive?

Is demis roussos dead?


Is Demis Roussos alive?


Who is the rebecca of the demis roussos song?

Rebecca was Demis' wife, she died in a car crash, the song is a tribute to her

What nationality is demis roussos?

According to the All Media Guide, Demis Roussos was born on June 15, 1947.

How did Demis Roussos become famous?

Demis Roussos is mostly known from his progressive rock band Aphrodite's Child. First as a singer, later a bass player as well. After the band disbanded, he started a well known solo carreer

Is Demis Roussos still performing?

He is indeed. in concert in South Africa 2012 December!

Is demis roussos still married?

His wife rebecca died in a car crash over 20 years ago. Don't know if he has remarried.

Em que ano Demis Roussos morreu?

Demis Roussos, nome artístico de Artemios Ventouris Roussos, (Alexandria, 15 de junho de 1946) é um cantor grego, nascido no Egito.Ele tá vivo e é considerado um dos maiores fenômenos da música grega de todos OS tempos fazendo sucesso no mundo inteiro. Aqui no Brasil ele fez sucesso nos 70 até meados dos anos 80. Hoje ele é muito conhecido na Europa e lá para OS lados da Rússia.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kings of 70s Romance - 2007?

The cast of Kings of 70s Romance - 2007 includes: Lesley Joseph as Herself - Narrator Tony Macaulay as himself Demis Roussos as himself Leo Sayer as himself David Soul as himself