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Q: What is the professors name in franks adventure 3?
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Franks Adventure 3?

Franks Adventure 3 is a free online flash game for adults. It includes adventures in which he tries to locate nude pictures.

Is there any more games like franks adventure 1 2 3 4?


Will sonic adventure 3 come out?

sonic unleashed was intended to be sonic adventure 3 before the name changed.

Where and how do you Upload the pictures in Franks Adventure 3?

go 2 outside voo doo shop, you will see little path going up from it follow it 2 the shrine press its eye

What are 3 video games BMO from Adventure Time has?

What is bmo full name in adventure time in Cartoon Network

Is there a sonic adventure 3 coming out?

So far no but sonic unleashed was going to be named sonic adventure 3 but they scrapped that name for some reason.

Is there a sonic adventure battle 3 coming out?

there is sonic adventure 3

When was the franks taken to Auschwitz?

September 3, 1944

Is Sonic Adventure 3 coming out?

Sonic Adventure 3 has not been anounced

What are the release dates for Scouting for Adventure - 2008 Florida Sea Base Fishing Adventure Part 3 3-3?

Scouting for Adventure - 2008 Florida Sea Base Fishing Adventure Part 3 3-3 was released on: USA: 28 July 2010

Is there going to be a Sonic Adventure 3?

There is a Sonic Adventure #1 and a Sonic Adventure #2.There is now a Sonic Adventure 3 - released in 2011 - the year of the Sonic 20th anniversary.

Is there a sonic adventure 3 battle?

No. The last Sonic Adventure was Adventure 2 which was released in 2001. I doubt there will be another Sonic Adventure but in a interview a member at Sega he likes the idea of remaking Adventure 1.