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Q: What is the price for kids movie tickets at movie tavern?
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Price for kids tickets in Mexico City?

It depends on what you are boarding and from where.

How much does Kids Quest cost at the Palms Casino?

How much are the palms movie tickets

How much money do theater tickets cost?

It depends on the theater and the movie. You'd have to look in your local listing to see what your particular theater charges. It also depends on whether it is a 3D movie, a matinee, senior citizen's price or student's price.

What is the price of a disneyland tickets and theme park tickets?

Well disney land tickets are 87.00 for 10 years old and up and the theme park tickets are 103 for 10 and up and kids under 5 you can take 10 dollars off each of those prices.

How do you get tickets to kids choice awards 2012?

Type in tickets to Kids Choice awards 2012

How much are tickets for twilight in Omaha Nebraska?

in nebraska tickets are around $5.50 to $6.00 if you are a kid and $6.50 to $7.00 if you are an adult and you go during the day if you go at night to the more expensive show the price for kids are the same but the price for adults ranges from $8.50 to $9.00.

How much are tickets for kids choice awards 2010?

how much it cost 4 the tickets

Is it true that if you go to the theaters before 12 a.m. the tickets are cheaper?

I believe that it only AMC theaters. You can get in for kids price before 12 A.M. After that, it goes up.

How much do movie tickets cost at University Mall Theatre?

It is usually about $9 for an evening movie for an adults and $6.50 for a matinee. For seniors it is $6.25 all day and for kids it is $6 all day.

How much is a movie ticket to the AMC?

The Price for AMC movie tickets are $4-$6, depending on what age you are.

Where can you get tickets to 2010 kids choice awards?

Go 2 Then click "Concert Tickets".

A total of 237 tickets were sold for a school play if twice as many kids tickets were sold than adults how many adult tickets were sold?

237/3= 79 so 79 goes into 237 3 times which means if we add 79 together we would get the number of kids tickets sold and the remaining 79 would be adult tickets sold 79+79=158 158 kids tickets were sold 79 adult tickets were sold