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Well, it depends on which Warriors series you mean, Warriors original, The New Prophecy, Power of Three, or the Fourth Apprentice. Here all the plots for all of them:


Rusty, a housecat, or 'kittypet', ventures Into the Woods and meets cats from a series of Clans. He joins one of the clans, ThunderClan, but faces great controversy because of being a former kittypet. His name is changed to Fireheart. This series tells of his rise in power to become a respected leader, while fighting his nemesis, Tigerstar, vicious rogues forest fires, dogs, badgers, twolegs, and much more.

The New Prophecy:

4 cats from 4 clans receive a special dream telling them they must go find a message from 'midnight'. Meanwhile, the forest is being destroyed by Twolegs building a new thunderpath. The cats must journey and bond to save their clans and themselves.

Power of Three:

Lionpaw, Jaypaw, and Hollypaw, the kits of Squirrleflight and Brambleclaw, grandchildren of the great Leader, Firestar, come in a time of trouble. In their new home, tensions run high and borders are weak. Meanwhile, Firestar receives a mysterious prophecy, 'There will be Three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws...'

Dovepaw has found out that she is one of the three and is, like, really stressed out. Cats from the Dark Forest are rising, and only the Three can determine what happens to starclan and everything else.

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what is the plot for young warriors

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what is the plot of chapter 4

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Q: What is the plot of the young warriors by vic reid?
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