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Elle Woods is a pretty blonde student who loses the "love of her life" because his ambitions are to become a senator and needs to date a "Jackie, not a Marilyn." Crushed, Elle studies and is accepted to Harvard Law School, where her ex-boyfriend attends. She does not fit in and finds that her ex is now engaged to a snotty girl. However, despite all of these hardships, she makes friends with a woman at a local salon and she excels in class. She becomes an intern on a high profile murder case where she knows the defendant. Eventually, she is hit on by her professor because like everyone else, he sees her only as a pretty face. The defendant fires the professor and hires Elle to be her lawyer and she wins the case. The movie flashes forward to 2004 where she graduates and everything comes together for her.

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Q: What is the plot of legally blonde and this comedy?
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