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It is your mom

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Q: What is the plasma burst 2 theme song?
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When is plasma burst 2 coming out?

it already out...

Can you use a grenade launcher on plasma burst 2?

no you can not

What does the defibrillator do on plasma burst 2?

stick it up your buttocks

How do you turn invisible on plasma burst 2?

That is supposed to be a glitch

How do you get infinite life in plasma burst 2?

god 1

What is the use button in Plasma Burst 2?

It's E

What happens when you get banned from chat in plasma burst 2?

Then You Are Banned :P

How do you get in a vehical in plasma burst 2?

Press E when you are near the vehicle.

Is plasma burst 2 like raze?

Yes, they are very simillar, both of them are shooters and they have the same camera aspects but personally if u ask me, i'll say raze 2 is much more anticipating then plasma burst 2

How do you beat level 2 of plasma burst?

Survive the wanes of usporation soldiers

How do you beat level 39 of plasma burst 2?

Survive the wanes of usporation soldiers

What are the commands for plazma burst 2?

There are commands for Plasma Burst 2 such as 'god 1' and 'god 0' god 1 makes you invincible and god 0 is the opposite