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I think it was March - April in the movie, as Bella said: 'It's March. The middle of semester.', when she first arrived to Forks High School. And when Mike asked her to the prom, he told her it was a month away, and the movie ended with the prom. Though when Edward was in Bella's room, he said that he has went there for the last couple of months, so the timeline is a bit confusing.

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Renesmee was born in 2006, so....2005 or 2004.

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Its in present day, around 2006

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Q: What is the period time twilight took place?
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2010(NEW PERSON)How come Victoria dies in 2006(New Person)Okay, its not 2010 or 2006. RenesmeeCarlie Cullen was born on September 10, 2006. Bella Marie Swan Cullen was born on September 13, 1987. Bella is seventeen when she moves to Forks, 1987+17=2004.Twilight was set in 2004. (Bella is 17.)Part of New Moon is set in 2004 and the rest of New Moon is set in 2005 as is Eclipse(Beginning half of New Moon Bella is 17 and then for the rest of it shes 18)Breaking Dawn part 1 is set in 2006(Bella is 18.)Breaking Dawn part 2 is set in 2007 because when the Volturicame Renesmeewas one year old even though she looks the age of eleven.(Bella's perpetual age is 18, but Alice celebrates Bella's 19th birthday.)Hope this helped :) I'm a huge twihard!Information From: and Stephanie Myer interviews and tweets.

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