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Q: What is the output energy of a clockwork toy?
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What is the output of a clockwork toy?


What type of potential energy is stored in a clockwork toy?

The types of potential energy is stored in a clockwork toys are type of potential energy is stored in a clockwork toy

What energy changes take place with a clockwork toy?

when you wind up a clockwork toy, the spring inside of it twists and that called strain energy, then when you let go of the toy the spring unwinds and toy toy moves which is kinetic energy and it may also make a sound as well.

What is the input form of energy of a clockwork toy?

Kinetic because your winding the toy with your hand.

How do clockwork toys work?

A clockwork toy is a toy that can move

How can you draw an energy transfer diagram for letting a clockwork car run?

energy transfer diagrams for winding up a clock work car

What type of energy is used by clockwork toys?

Kinetic energy and potential energy is stored in the wound-up spring or gear of the toy mechanism.It is called conservation of energy.

When you wind up a clockwork toy what is producing the force?

Technically, you are "producing" the energy, but I'm assuming you mean what is "storing" it. Clockwork works like this: you wind it up, and inside there is a spring which stores the energy, and as that spring unwinds, it moves gears to convert the energy into motion.~W

What film has a scene in a bath with a clockwork toy?


Which force pushes a toy car forward?

Someone pushing it, gravity (on a slope), a clockwork mechanism (wind up cars), an electric motor (chemical energy).

How do you make a toy horse on runescape?

A saw, hammer, nails (of any type), planks, and a clockwork bench at your house.

How does a clockwork egg timer work?

eat biscuits and cheese for energy when energy runs out the timer finishes