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Other names for a farewell party are bon voyage party and going away party. Other names can be used too that denote the type of thing the person leaving is going to do, like moving party.

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Q: What is the other names of farewell party in English?
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When was Farewell Party created?

Farewell Party was created in 1979.

How do I word an email invite to a farewell party for a coworker?

Examples of farewell party invitations are at this page:

Title for senior girl to give in farewell party?

"Farewell to the Class of [year]: Memories to Last a Lifetime"

How do you anchor a farewell party?

One could anchor a farewell party by having friends/family, balloons, party favors, games, wine, and food. It would be great to have a huge social gathering.

Where can you find a script for master of ceremony for a farewell party to friends?

You can find a script for a master of ceremony for a farewell party to friends by searching online for templates or examples. You can also consider personalizing the script by including anecdotes or memories shared with the departing friend to make it more meaningful. Make sure to tailor the script to suit the tone and mood of the farewell party.

Speech for a 10 class farewell party?

Its a speech given to bid farewell to students of std 10th....

What is a sentence with the word farewell?

We return to lorraine for our farewell gala dinner.

What is the purpose of a farewell party?

A farewell party is a party you throw for someone who is leaving, so everyone can see them for the last time and say goodbye. You might give a farewell party to a friend who is moving far away, or to a co-worker who has found a new job.

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Janis Joplin

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