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Aura Lee is a French folk song.

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Elvis recorded Love me Tender, which has exactly the same melody as Aura Lee

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Q: What is the other name for the song Aura Lee?
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What type of folk song is aura lee?

Aura Lee is a French folk song.

How tall is Aura Lee?

Aura Lee's birth name is Aurelie Hauglustaine.

Aura Lee was used for what Elvis Presley song?

love me tender

What nicknames does Aura Lee go by?

Aura Lee goes by Aura.

What Elvis hit single is based on an 1861 classical piece entitled aura lee?

Love Me Tender "Aura Lee" (also known as "Aura Lea") is an American Civil War song about a maiden. It was written by W. W. Fosdick (words) and George R. Poulton (music). The Elvis Presley song "Love Me Tender" (lyric by Ken Darby) is sung to the same tune as "Aura Lee". A later Presley recording for the film The Trouble with Girls entitled "Violet (Flower of N.Y.U.)" also used the melody of "Aura Lee". There is also a marching band version of "Aura Lee" called "Army Blue". Aura Lee was memorably sung by Frances Farmer and a male chorus in 1936's Come and Get It (film), based on Edna Ferber's novel.

Who made Aura Lee famous?

Charles lee

What are the keyboard notes for aura lee?

vcbvcvcfgcgcfbvcvb vfg

How do you play aura lee recorder?


Who sang love me tender?

Elvis Presley, the melody is an old folk song called Aura Lee.Elvis Presley

What is the boys name in the song titanium?

Ryan Lee

What movie or TV show is Aura Lee played in?

Love Me tender, by Elvis Presley. This is the alternate title of the song. sounds like something medicinal- taken by mouth, Orally!

What are the release dates for The Rockford Files - 1974 Aura Lee Farewell 1-14?

The Rockford Files - 1974 Aura Lee Farewell 1-14 was released on: USA: 3 January 1975