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Q: What is the opposite of chick?
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Opposite gender of chicken?

The gender nouns for a chicken are:rooster for the malehen for the female

What is the opposite of a chick flick?

Probably drama or horror, but i think its horror

When did Chick Chick Boom happen?

Chick Chick Boom happened in 2007.

What is the opposite of guy?

The opposite of a guy could be a girl, gal, chick, female, lady, or woman. Historically, guy has been paired with gal, but in modern times, guy is paired with girl a lot more, rather than boy/girl.

When was Chick Chick Boom created?

Chick Chick Boom was created on 2007-04-03.

What is the opposite word for dude?

The slang opposite gender is usually "chick" (Lots of chicks and dudes were there).There is also "dudette : A cool girl or woman; a female dude" is the answerThe opposite of a dude would depend on the meaning:Dude = man or guy, you could use "dudette" or "woman"Dude = city man, the opposite would be country boyDude = dandy, the opposite would be a plain man"Heard of dudette"

What is a rhyming word pair for slippery hen?

Slick chick.

How much wood would a wood chick chick if a wood chick could chick wood?

Wood chucks don't chick wood...they chuck it. And who knows???!!!!

What are the release dates for Chick and Double Chick - 1946?

Chick and Double Chick - 1946 was released on: USA: 16 August 1946

How do you get the fox the feed and the chick with out the fox eating the chick and with out the chick eating the feed?

Take the chick over, take the feed over and bring the chick back with you. then take the fox and bring it over. then take the chick back over.

What is Day -old chick?

A day old chick is a chick which is only a day old.

Why is a chick pea called a chick pea?

Because chick peas are yellow