What is the onomatopeia in Bialandro by Pat Mora?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are several instances of onomatopeia in Pat Mora's poem Bailando. Some of these instances include waltzing, tottering and spinning. Onomatopoeia is the use of words that sound like their meaning.

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Q: What is the onomatopeia in Bialandro by Pat Mora?
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What is the onomatopeia in Bialando by Pat Mora?

The onomatopoeia used in "Bialando" by Pat Mora is "clink-clank-clunk." It is used to imitate the rhythmic sound of the metal spoon stirring the hot chocolate in the poem.

How many sisters pat mora have?

Pat Mora has three sisters.

When did pat mora die?

pat mora is sill alive she is 69 years old

Did Pat Mora die?

No. Author Pat Mora is alive, she's 75 (born January 19, 1942)

Who did pat mora first get married with?

Pat Mora first got married to Vern Scarborough, with whom she had three children.

Where did pat mora grow up at?

Pat Mora grew up in El Paso, Texas, which is located along the border of the United States and Mexico. This region influenced her writing and sparked her interest in exploring themes related to culture, identity, and language.

What was pat mora's education?

pat moras education was at Utep in El Texas

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Is or was Pat Mora hispanic?

Pat Mora is a Mexican-American author, poet, and advocate for the Hispanic community. Many of her books are bilingual, presenting topics affecting Mexican-American families and culture.

Why is pat mora famous?

Pat Mora is famous for her contributions to literature, specifically for her work as a poet, writer, and children's book author. She is known for promoting literacy and advocating for the inclusion of diverse voices in literature, particularly focusing on Hispanic and Latinx culture. Mora has received numerous awards for her writing and dedication to promoting literacy.