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"Loving you is easy 'cause you're beautiful."

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Q: What is the oldies song that goes la--lalalalalala?
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What are some great oldies songs?

the great oldies song are beetles and such and such

What is the name of that song from a day to remember it goes like everyone was singing lalalalalalala... do you know?

I don't know but I know it's number 12 on their Homesick album!------The song is called "If It Means a Lot to You."

Who sang the oldies song remember you?

skid row

What is the name of an oldies song that goes something like buzzi nova - the dance of love?

"Blame It On The Bossa Nova" most notably by Eydie Gorme

Who sings oldies song May I'?

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs

What is the name of the oldies song that includes the lyrics when you looked at me and smiled?

the song is ''my old'' lady by the temptations

What is that oldies song from the midas commercials?

On the Road Again by Canned Heat

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The song overnight celebrity by twista has a background beat that is an oldies song what is that song?

The artist is Lenny Williams. The song is called 'Cause I Love You.

Who sings the oldies' song called Rock?

There's an early rock song by Bill Haley in 1956 with that title.