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you are a stupid person! kiss your crush on the lips secretly and give her a ring, diamond,necklace anything for her. Give her a heart neclace with a key.

Husbands just kill your self! if you are young do the thing on the top. when you grow older ask your crush to marry you right now youngsters be boyfriend girlfriend secretly tell someone you can trust nor your parents or siblings. Unless you want advice from them(don't take it).

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Q: What is the objective of Bee Movie?
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Whats the name of the movie a bee discovers that humans are stealing bee from his hive?

bee movie

When did Bee Movie Game happen?

Bee Movie Game happened in 360.

What was the Production Budget for Bee Movie?

The Production Budget for Bee Movie was $150,000,000.

What is the main character in the movie the bee movie?

Berry the bee, and Venesa the florist.

What is the name of an upcoming Dream works animated movie about berry benson a bee that discovers that humans are stealing the honey from his hive?

The name of the movie is the BEE Movie.

Where is the bees house in the bee movie?

The bee movie is a cartoon, so the bee house was drawn. It's not a real place.

When did the bee movie come out?

Bee Movie was created on 2007-11-02.

Who is Barry Benson?

the main bee in "Bee movie"

When was Bee Movie Game created?

Bee Movie Game was created on 2007-10-30.

What college did Barry the Bee from Bee Movie go to?


How long is Bee Movie?

90 minutes, or 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How much money did Bee Movie gross domestically?

Bee Movie grossed $126,631,277 in the domestic market.