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The last two specials are a two-part story called The End of Time (Pt1 & Pt2).

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Q: What is the next Doctor Who episode after 'The Waters of Mars'?
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What is next after Doctor Who Planet of the Dead?

The next episode is The Waters of Mars.

Will Their Be A Episode Of Doctor Who This Augest?

No, the next special The Waters of Mars won't air until around November.

When will the waters of mars be shown?

The BBC have just recently released a trailer for The next Doctor who episode 'The Waters of Mars,' and at the very end of the trailer, it said it would be shown on tv for the first time on the 15th of November 2009.

When will the next Doctor Who special be?

The Waters of Mars will be shown on Sunday 15th November at 7:00PM.

How many Doctor Who specials are there?

1.the next doctor 2.planet of the dead 3.waters of mars 4 and 5. the end of time

What is the next doctor who episode after the family of blood?

The next episode is Blink.

Will Michelle Ryan be in the next Doctor Who?

No, she was a one off companion, like Kylie in Voyage of the Damned and David Morrissey in The Next Doctor. Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide will be the "companion" for The Waters Of Mars, and it seems Wilf (Donna's gramps) is the companion for the Christmas episodes.

What episode of Doctor Who was Ashley Horne in?

The Next Doctor.

What will the Christmas episode of Doctor Who be called?

the answer to that question is Doctor Who The next doctor

When is the next Doctor Who episode on?

The 3rd of April 2010

When is the next episode of Doctor Who going to come out?


When is the next episode of doctor who serise 7?