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Stupidity has the Joy Ride Riddim

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Q: What is the new reggae song by Elephant Man and Peter Hunnigale?
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Which reggae artist did a remake of a Peter Paul and Mary song about Christmas?

Who knows many have really!

Is I like to move it a reggae song?

da real one, ya da Madagascar one, NOO!!!!!!!!!!! >>it depends what you mean by reggae song. is it typical to the reggae genre - NO. for that, listen to beenie man, bounty killer, lady saw, bob marley, peter tosh, etc. the only way that this song could be construed as "reggae" is because the artist sings in jamaican patois, but the song is of the dance genre.

What is the name of the reggae group and song that includes these lyrics Wine Nikki wine Nikki wine?

Talia Coles ft. Elephant Man - Nikki Wine

Who sings the reggae song with the lyrics Reggae Muffin sometimes you gotta be a Reggae Muffin?


Who sang the reggae song in the rain?

Norfolk frauds play the song 'reggae in the rain' In The Rain (Reggae) sung by Webby Jay

Which Album by Reggae group Chalice does the song A Song appear?

Answer"A Song" by the reggae group Chalice, appears on the album, ''Best of Reggae Sunsplash, Vol.2".Also Their Blasted album

Who sings the reggae song hey boy?

The Reggae song, "Hey Boy" was recorded by Tit Collins.

Is there a song by Rush containing reggae?

There are a good bit of reggae in RUSH songs, which reggae is one of my favorite genres. Digital Man has reggae throughout the song. Spirit of the Radio has a little reggae jam in it. Vital Signs also has some reggae. The album Grace Under Pressure has it sprinkled throughout.

What type of music is red red wine the song?

Popular Reggae (Pop Reggae).

Reggae song with chorus that has phrase 'bang bang bang'?

It's not reggae, but try Femi Kuti's song by the same name.

When was Elephant - song - created?

Elephant - song - was created in 2011.

Who sings the reggae song we can do it?

Locks Lee