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they're the beads of subjugation. YAY!!!!

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Q: What is the necklace that Inuyasha wears called?
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What is the necklace Les Stroud Survivorman wears?

The white necklace he wears is a hook, you can Google white hook necklace and you'll find a bunch of different kinds. Including the one he wears.

Lisa Simpson wears a necklace made of what?

Lisa Simpson wears a necklace make of pearls. It is her trademark symbol which she mostly wears.

Where can you buy the necklace that Lynette from Desperate housewives regularly wears?

Wher can you get the necklace Lynette wears in desperate housewives?

Why does Prodigy wear a teddy bear necklace?

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What is the name of the necklace mariska hargitay wears in the movie the plain truth?

It is called the 'Piece All Pavé Diamond Swing Necklace - Small' from Mimi So

Prince wears a necklace what does it mean?

Prince wears a necklace. I would like to purchase one like this for my daughter. does anyone know what the name is

What does Wilma Flintstone wears?

Wilma wears a white dress and a white pearl necklace.

Where did demi get her purity necklace?

It is a purity ring she just put it on a chain and wears it as a necklace. -SAra

Who wears a necklace with rings on it in new moon?


Is it bad for a boy to wear a necklace?

it depends on wut tipe of necklace it is.................but it's kinda weird if a guy wears a necklace u know............

Where can i get Katherine's necklace that she wears in The Vampire Diaries?

etsy or ebay.

What is the meaning of the necklace Poppy Montgomery wears in unforgettable?