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Manuel "Manolo" Blahnik Rodriguez is a famous fashion designer and is well knows for his high-end shoe brand. Blahnik was born in 1942 in Santa Cruz de La Palma in Spain.

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Q: What is the nationality of Manolo Blahnik?
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What is the birth name of Manolo Blahnik?

Manolo Blahnik's birth name is Manuel Blahnik Rodrguez.

When was Manolo Blahnik born?

Manolo Blahnik was born on November 28, 1942.

What is Manolo Blahnik's birthday?

Manolo Blahnik was born on November 28, 1942.

When did Manolo Blahnik die?

Manolo Blahnik is 68 years old (birthdate: November 28, 1942).

Is manolo blahnik dead?


Can you buy manolo blahnik shoes in Australia?


At what retailers can you find shoes on sale from the designer Manolo Blahnik?

Manolo Blahnik shoes are available from a variety of retailers. For instance, Barney's of New York and Nordstrom both carry Manolo Blahnik shoes. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus both carry these shoes, as well.

Where did Manolo Blahnik graduate?

In 1965, Manolo Blahnik graduated from the University of Geneva. He went on to study in Paris and in 1968 began working in London. He now has boutiques all around the world.

Who was Manolo Blahnik?

He's a shoe designer. See related link.

Where can you find Manolo Blahnik store in Rome and Florence?

only in Milan

In Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw had a weakness for which designer shoes?

manolo blahnik

Where to find blue Manolo Blahnik shoes in US?

Bloomingdales should stock them