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c. The narrator is Dees mom

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the narrator is Dee's mother

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Q: What is the narrator's relationship to Dee?
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How does the author show that Dee and her mother have a competitive relationship?

The author shows Dee and her mother have a competitive relationship through their differing values and attitudes towards their heritage and possessions. Dee's desire to preserve their cultural heritage clashes with her mother's more practical approach, leading to conflicts over who should inherit family heirlooms like the quilts. Dee's condescending attitude also reflects the competitive nature of their relationship.

at the end of everyday use how are the quilts symbolic of maggies relationship with dee?

they repersent the first time she has ever chosen over dee to get something.

Is enchong dee and Julia Montes are now in relationship?

nope and never will Julia montes said that she is too young to have a relationship

How many narrators does My Ántonia have?

There are two narrators in My Antonia.

Where does mama dream she meets Dee in the book everyday use?

Mama dreams that she meets Dee in the television program, where Dee has changed her name to Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. They are reunited in the dream in a backyard barbecue setting, where Dee wants Mama to call her by her new name. Mama struggles with this as she recalls their strained relationship.

What movie had the song look at you you are Sandra Dee?

Grease was a 1978 musical film, following the relationship of two high schoolers as they struggle with social boundaries. It featured the song, "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee".

In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, what does the narrator’s internal voice indicate about the relationship between Dee and the narrator?


What does the narrators father do after he kisses her goodbye?

The narrators father goes in search of a job after he kisses her goodbye.

In which recounts how where is the object of the narrators affections held prisoner?

The object of the narrators affections are held in his/her fantasy.

Is dee dee dee a name?

It can be. Most people have names like "dee" or "dee-dee" no more than 2.

How does the author in everyday use by Alice Walker show that Dee and her mom have a competitive relationship?

They are both trying to outdo the other. The mom works hard to show off her home and what she has while Dee brags about all of the experiences in her life.

What point of view is a story with several narrators telling it?

By using multiple narrators