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sass that botty

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Q: What is the name of the song where Lil Wayne raps fast and uses Autotune?
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Who raps better lil Wayne or drake?

Lil Wayne

Who raps better lil Wayne tpain or drake?

lil wayne

What performers and composers have influenced eminem to this style of music?

Eminem's early life has a great influence over most of his songs. He anyway raps on real things

What are some raps about money?

Got Money By Lil Wayne

Who is the little kid that raps with Lil Wayne?

Lil Chuckie

What happens during the Deer Dance Festival?

lil Wayne raps

Does Lil Wayne like Nicki manaj?

yess.Nicki likes lil Wayne bkuz he is always a part of her raps.

How often does Lil Wayne actually write his raps?

He does not write his music sorry.

What song does kid cudi raps fast?

in the don't trust me remix with 3oh!3 he raps pretty fast, cudi zone and heart of a lion are also a little bit faster

Who raps that song like am on a calulator?

Lil Wayne is the one that sang the song "I'm Boss"

Does Princeton of Mindless Behavior do any singing on the album?

Yess, He Sings the song "Girls Talkin' 'Bout" && Its Really Great, But he sings in autotune... Lol & Roc Raps in Hook it Up, & I Think thats it. (:

Who are in brokencyde?

Se7en - Screamo Screams, Raps Mikl Shea - Autotune Vocals, Clean Vocals Phat J - Keyboards, Death Metal Growls Antz - Fog Machine, Lights Bree - Mascot