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a frag

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Q: What is the name of the song that you can write a third verse to in order to win a free poster?
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How do you get famous people to write you back?

Famous people usually get lots of mail, almost entirely from people they do not know. In order to get a celebrity to write back, you have to write something that is definitely worth responding to.

Who is Elisa Day?

Elisa Day is the subject of a song by Nick Cave who is accompanied by Kylie Minogue entitled "Where the Wild Roses Grow". It narrates an encounter between a besotted man and a virginal girl whose beauty is such that after the first supposed sexual act, he later kills her by a river with a rock and plants a rose between her teeth. The album is by nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. BLOGGANSWER09 your answer was false. The song even has the words 'He would be my first man' She's hardly a prostitute if she was a virgin. Elisa Day was made up for the song. Nick had been working for ages to write a song he could perform with Kylie. If you lok at the lyrics it's more about the fact she was a town beauty and after Nick had been intimate with her for a while he had 'killed' her beauty? The third verse seems to be the taking of her virginity on the first day and not the third day (verse 5-6) which is when he realised he can't hold onto her forever.

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The theme for the Response to Excecutive Order 9006 by Dwight Okita, is relocation. He write the letter when Americans of Japanese Descent were given orders by the government to report to relocation centers.

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if you write fan mail to Ariana grande she will write back she is very sweet and she wants to show how she is about her fans that she loves them

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