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This answer is in my way and like to correct it because it is doing my head in when i search the web so people are getting confused with de do do do,de da da da.mp3

You can listen there

But that not what people want to listen to now the choclate company is M&M'S Chocolate now they maid a advert on TV witch was indeed the song that people are looking for because it sounds good know what people are having problems with is knowing the name but i think the name is M&M'S and they maid the song i dont think a song artisted maid that song, they maid it there self im not 100% sure so dont count me on that one Ying-Yang Twins is not part of that song MMM DO DO MMM DO DO MMM also pitbull did not make the songYing Yang Twins ft Pitbull - Shake.mp3

You can listen there

Or i could be getting confused that why me edited the answer but kept the orginal so if any of you know the M&M song re edit the post and are come back to check.

Shake (Remix), by the Ying-Yang Twins

New:: The original that was sampled though is Din Daa Daa by George Kranz

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Q: What is the name of the song that starts mm da da mm do do mm da da mm do that pitbull sampled?
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