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thug passion

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Q: What is the name of the song that is played in menace to society when Kane is on his way to the barbecue at the park?
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The song in menace to society when Kane talking to the girl at the barbecue?

Its called, 'Computer Love' by Zapp & Roger :)

Who did Kane live with in menace to society?

his grandparents

Whats the movie where someone named Kane steals a 92 Maxima?

Menace to society

What is the song called in Menace 2 Society when Kane is cooking up some crack?

N.W.A - Dopeman (Remix) Enjoy!! :-)

Where is the Kane Depot Preservation Society Inc in Kane Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Kane Depot Preservation Society Inc is: Po Box 525, Kane, PA 16735-0525

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How many people played superstar Kane?

2 people have played Kane, Jacobs is the second, the 1st Kane was a German who had long hair & didnt speak at all.

Is Kane the same as the masked Kane?

Yes character "KANE" has always been played by Glenn Jacobs since 1997.

Who played as the old Kane in wrestling?

The old Kane was played by the same Kane based on what i know, but in 2006 wen the imposter Kane was attacking the real Kane, the imposter was festus. in 1998 the same thing happened but that was undertaker.

In WWE is Kane the original actor?

the guy who plays Kane has played Kane since the character debuted in 1997.

On the tv show taxi who played latka's wife?

Andy Kaufman

Did Kane played in any movies?

Yes he played in See no evil