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Butthole surfers

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Q: What is the name of the song that goes- i can taste you on my lips and smell you on my clothes?
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What is another word for threat?

is a wonderous pot of food like stew with beef and potatoes and a juicy sauce it is very delightful when you smell the aroma and when your lips taste it thrills your taste buds

Why does upper lips have to smell so bad?

Because it is close to your nose and your nose breath stinks so when you blow it goes there

How Do you find your partners lips in the dark?


Why do you have a hard time tasting things when you have a cold?

Taste is related to smell. When your nose is congested, you can't taste things aswell. For example plug your nose when your feeling better, and try to taste something. You can't taste it aswell.

How many taste buds are on a humans lips?

0. The taste buds are on the tongue.

Licks his lips after a kiss?

Its probably because his lips are wet after kissing or he likes the taste for some reason.

What nicknames does Alder Lips go by?

Alder Lips goes by Allu.

Can you still use a lib balm if it goes through the washer?

I suggest you do NOT. The water & detergent could have seeped in through the cap and now it contains chemicals & even if you can't smell or taste it, it's there. If you use it, (hey, I can't stop you) your lips might have a minor irritation or swelling, itchy-ness, & mainly unsightly redness & dryness.

What are the steps of kissing?

: Lips on lips : Uppercut : Tongue goes in : Pay the woman/man

What does sweet taste in mouth mean and tingly lips?

I think it is your enzymes from your saliva.

Why do your lips taste terrible?

Mine personally? Mine taste nice to me D: put a flavoured lip balm on if you really think yours taste gross :L

Can poison ivy on your lips make your lips swell?

yes then it goes into the body then kills the person. from keyna