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Love Eyes

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Q: What is the name of the song that ends with eyes sung by the duprees?
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What was the answer song to have you heard by the duprees.?

Have you seen her

Name the movie that the theme song was your Own True Love buy the Duprees?

Gone With The Wind

Who is singing on the Duprees recording on Youtube Joey Vann or Mike Kelly?

Close your eyes, clcik your heels three times and think about the song - the answer will come to you.

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After a long search, I found the song's title, it's "Close your eyes" by Bluecat.

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my space Christain's theme song is "Just Close Your Eyes (remix)"

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The song by the Duprees is obviously somewhat ignorant of the facts, the late thirties Dynamic Duo were well on the in and out, about the Electra Project. The last verse lets the Cat out of the Bag!e s

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