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ride gambler ride

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Q: What is the name of the song played at the end credits of the film Maverick?
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What was Maverick's first name in the Mel Gibson film of the same name?

Yes, Mel Gibson did appear in Maverick. The film was released in 1994.He played the role of Bret Maverick.

Starring with and on film credits?

If your question has to do with the language used in film credits, most credits are devised contractually and can be defined relative to other contributors' credits. 'Star power' can dictate through a contract where a name appears in the credits -- before the title of the movie, above and left of another actor's name, in larger type, and so forth.

What is the name for who works in cinema?

You can watch the credits for any film and learn the names of people who work in film.

What does the name maverick mean?

The name Maverick means "funny" as in maverick is a nice cute and funny guy

Why is your name maverick?

i think your name is maverick because your parents liked that name

What is the name of the song that goes with the credits of the iron man film?

The beginning credits it is AC/DC's Back in Black The ending credits it is Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Credits on all James bond films finish with which same 4 words?

James Bond Will Return. Not all Bond film credits end with those words though. In the earlier films the credits specify the name of the next Bond film.

Tom Cruises characters name in top gun?

He played Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the 1986 hit movie.

What is the birth name of Maverick Gonzalez?

Maverick Gonzalez's birth name is Aldo Gonzalez.

During the credits of the film Evil Dead what is the name of the song playing?

Jazz Traditional - Charleston

Can anyone tell me the name of the music played at the end of the film 'the 11th hour' It starts when Leonardo DiCaprio is giving his last speech just before the end credits?

Politik by Coldplay.

Who was maverick s first rio after goose dies?

Merlin (played by Tim Robbins) in the final dogfight.