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The Joke Is On You by Niki Watkins

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Q: What is the name of the song on iGet Pranky on iCarly?
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What is the song in iCarly iget pranky?

"the joke is on you"

What song do they play in the prank episode of iCarly.?

The song played on iGet Pranky was "The Joke is on You" by Nikki Watkins

What is the song called on iget pranky?

The joke is on you

Who sings the song on iget pranky?

Miranda cosegrove

What is the song on iCarly you get pranky?

The song is called "The Joke Is On You'' :)

What is the name of the song playing in iget pranky when spenser is pranking people?

The joke is on you. ypu can hear it on

Who sings the song Spencer dances to in iGet Pranky?

The Joke Is On You by Niki Watkins.

What song did they play in iCarly you get pranky?

The Joke Is On You by Niki Watkins

Who sings The joke is on you from the iCarly show iGet Pranky?

at first i thought it was jordin sparks who sings the song but its actually sung by Nikki watkins i was trying 2 look for who sings the song too and i found out from youtube hope this helps

What is the song that plays wen Spencer shay pulls pranks on icarly iget pranky?

"The Joke Is On You" by Michael Corcoran, and Zachary Hexum Performed by Nicole Watkins (as Niki Watkins) Produced by Michael Corcoran (as Backhouse Mike)

Where can you get the iget pranky song by Niki watkins?

I don't know where you can buy it, but you could try Googleing "The Joke Is On You [by] Niki Watkins mp3" :)

Where can you buy the iget pranky song by Niki watkins?

you can't.... at least not yet sorry-OR-Visit the iCarly website, click the iSongs link, scroll to the bottom of the songs list, right-click on "The Joke Is On You" and click "save link as...", then save the MP3.

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