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Orange Star High School in Satan City

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Q: What is the name of the school on Dragon Ball Z that Gohan goes to?
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What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gohan Goes to High School 5-6?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gohan Goes to High School 5-6 was released on: USA: 17 September 2001

What is the music called which plays in Dragon Ball Z Gohan goes to high school when gohan is flying on his nimbus home?

dragonball opeing song

Dragon Ball Z legend of super saiyan 2?

The episode when gohan goes ss2

What episode did gohan and videl meet?

They actually met in high school in the episode '' Gohan goes to high school ''

What comes after Dragon Ball?

Well, there is the order for the Dragon Ball series: 1 - Dragon Ball (starts with Goku as a child and finishs when Goku marrys) 2 - Dragon Ball Z (starts when Gohan, Goku's son born, and finishs when Z Fighters beat Majin Buu) 3 - Dragon Ball GT (starts when Goku is training with Uub and finishs when Goku finds 7 Black Star Dragon Balls and the dragon grants his wish) 4 - Dragon Ball AF (i don't know about it but Goku there goes ssj5) P.S. As for Dragon Ball Kai, that's like Dragon Ball Z but its redrawn.

How do you get gohan super sayian 2 in dragon ball z the legacy of goku2?

there actually is no super saiyan 2 gohan when the time is right gohan goes into saiyan rage mode and beats cell, sorry.

What story goes first Dragon Ball Z or gt?

dragon ball z

Are dragon ball and Dragon Ball Z different?

yes they are ------------ Yes They Are Because Dragon Ball Is About Son Goku (Main Character) As A Kid Growing Up Until He Becomes A Teen Then He Gets Married. Dragon Ball Z is About Son Goku's Adult Life And It Also Focuses On His Son's Life (Son Gohan) Goku Becomes a Super Saiyan and goes all the way to Super Saiyan 3 And He Fights Enemies And Becomes Stronger.

In what episode does Goku meet goten?

They meet at the end of the freiza saga. They fall in love and have trunks in between the trunks and android saga.

Can gohan ever reach super saiyan 3?

Of course! Gohan could become Super saiyan 2 in the cell saga after android 16's farewell and destruction, then another loss, provocated or not, he could go past that evel and certainly attain super saiyan 3!

When does krillin ask 18 out?

In the time gap between the defeat of Cell and whe Gohan goes to high school.

When will Dragon Ball Z season 11 come out?

there is no season 11 it goes up to 9 but there is dragon ball gt season 1 and2