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Q: What is the name of the original famous flames from Texas?
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What is the capital's original name for Texas?

waterloo, believe it or not

What was the original name of Austin Texas?

Austins original name was Waterloo, named after Stephan F. Austin.

Name a famous author from your state Texas?

Jason Quintinalla is a famous author :PRebecka:P

What was the original name of the famous Indian film actor Shammi Kapoor?

The original name of Shammi Kapoor was Shamsher Raj Kapoor.

How did the Calgary Flames get their name?

They used to be the Atlanta Flames and wanted the name to be similar to Atlanta Braves

What is the name of the treaty that made Texas a state?

the name for the treaty that made Texas a state is called....... a piece of paper that some famous person signed.

When did the Silver Beatles become famous in the USA?

The "Silver Beatles" were not famous anywhere. It was the original name from which the name "The Beatles" was derived. The Beatles became internationally famous in 1962.

What is the original name of Austin?

Austin, Texas was originally called Waterloo.

What was the original title of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was remade a couple years ago with the same name. - wjs1632 -

What is the original name of famous Marathi Music Director Anand-Ghan?

The original name of marathi music director Anand -Ghanis Lata Mangeshkar

Who are famous people with the name Kaitlyn?

There are currently no known famous people with the name ''Kaitlyn'' However, There are many with the original spelling, ''Caitlin''

What was the name of an important battle in Texas?

The Battle of the Alamo, the birth of Texas' liberty.