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Q: What is the name of the old kung-fu probably Chinese movie a kind of kids with kung-fu ability in the movie they are searching for the golden Buddha?
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How do you say Big Belly Laughing Buddha in Chinese language....?

Big Belly Laughing Buddha in Chinese language....

What are some Chinese holidays?

buddha day

How do you spell Gautama Buddha in Chinese?

Gautama Buddha is spelled as 释迦牟尼 (shìjiāmóuní) in Chinese.

Is Buddha Chinese?

The person we call The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, was born in northern India, which is now in Nepal.

Who is the Chinese creator of universe?

God, of course. Buddha is just the Chinese equivalent of Jesus.

Who did the Ancient Chinese people worship?

Gautama Buddha

Which individual was responsible for the Chinese social movement?


What does big Buddha represent?

The Buddha is not depicted with a big belly in Tibetan or Indian art. The big belly seems to be a Chinese thing. [Addendum: My Chinese cultural consultant says that the big-bellied Buddha is most certainly Maitreya, the future Buddha. The big belly represents being full of potential.]

What does Buddha stand for in Chinese culture?

the reason there is a fat Chinese buddha is due to the fact that the Chinese adopted the buddha and altered it because in china the more heavy set you are the more "wealthy" you are...there are in fact two different sides of this believe system

Can you keep laughing Buddha at office desk?

Since the so-called "laughing buddha" is not the Buddha, but a 13th century Chinese Buddhist monk named Hotei, it is between you and your boss.

What god do hindhus believe in?

I think they believe in the Buddha like the Chinese

Was buddah Chinese?

you spelled it wrong it's buddha anyways, it is 佛