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Q: What is the name of the musical film named after a US state?
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What is the name of musical that is named after the state?

Sweet Home AlabamaAns 2.Oklahoma !

What is a name of a musical film?

the sound of music

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What is the Name of musical named after an Italian mother?

Mama Mia

What is the name of Champions of high school musical film?

pickle juice

Why are musical instruments lovingly named after weapons?

They aren't are they? name an instrument named after a weapon, anyway the weapon was probably named after it.

What is the name of the dog in the musical Annie?

Annie's dog is named Sandy.

Which states name sounds like a musical instrument?

The state that sounds like a musical instrument is Oregon.

What is the name of the state song of Oklahoma?

Oklahoma (from the musical of the same name)

Which state's name sounds similar to the name of a musical instrument?


What is the theater lady's name in high school musical?

The drama teacher in high school musical is named Mrs. Darvus