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The beach in Bikini Bottom is called Goo Lagoon.

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The Reef

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Goo Lagoon

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Q: What is the name of the movie theater in Bikini Bottom?
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What is the name of the underwater town SpongeBob SquarePants lives?

His city's name is called Bikini Bottom.

What is the name if the bikini bottom market?

Kelp Mart

What is the name of the town next to Bikini Bottom that Spongebob gets stuck in?

Rock Bottom

What the name of the sea live in sponge bob?

bikini bottom

is the name of the lake in bikini botto called blue lagoon?

No, the name of the lake in Bikini Bottom is not called Blue Lagoon, it is called Goo Lagoon.

What is the name of the Brazilian bikini bottom with a lug to hold in place?

the wize sponge

Why is bikini bottom called bikini bottom?

Bikini Bottom was named because it lays at the BOTTOM of Bikini Atoll. The cartoon was created by a marine biologist and later Nickelodeon picked it up. Bikini Atoll is where the nuke hit or was tested at and the nuclear debrees at ground zero were bulldozed into the ocean. Hence the name Bikini Bottom. (Bottom of the ocean under Bikini Atoll. The original cartoon was named The Intertidal Zone and Spongebob was first named Bob the sponge and resembled an actual sea sponge instead of the now kitchen sponge. There is A LOT of history and meaning behind Spongebob and it has nothing to do with the beach and a womans bikini or the beach and the bottom of the ocean.

Where does sponegbob live?

124 Conch Street; Bikini Bottom; Pineapple.

What is a good name for a movie theater?

Bob theatre

What is another name for cinema you just can't think of what it's called?

Movie Theater? or just theater?

What is the name of the movie theater at south dekalb mall?


Name a place where the seats are uncofortable?

ummmmmmmmmm movie theater