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The name of the Movie is Tohfa

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Q: What is the name of the movie from the song tofa tofa laya laya is?
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How do you say goodbye friend in Samoan?

'Tofa', or if you may not see them again for a long time, 'Tofa soifua'.

What is Dawakin Tofa's population?

Dawakin Tofa's population is 247,875.

What is Samoan Tofa?

tofa soifua is the formal translation of good bye in Samoan

What is the area of Dawakin Tofa?

The area of Dawakin Tofa is 479 square kilometers.

What does the urdu word tofa mean in Punjabi?

The word "tofa" means a gift.

What is the Samoan translation of the English word good-bye?

Goodbye is Tofa Soifua, and Bye is Fa (like in the last two letters of Tofa.

How do you say farewell in Samoan?

Tofa soifua, Tofaina, Soifua, Tofa (all these words are the respectful ways of saying farewell/goodbye. Bye is Fa, which is the an abbreviation for Tofa.

When did Abdu Dawakin Tofa die?

Abdu Dawakin Tofa died on 2003-02-27.

What is 'Goodbye' in Western Samoan?

Goodbye in Samoan is "Tofa Soifua".hello-Talofa God bye-Tofa

How do you say hello and goodbye in Samoan?

Hello - Talofa Goodbye - Tofa Soifua

What you call gift in Punjabi?


What is 'Goodbye' in Samoan?

Tofa is a Samoan equivalent of 'Goodbye'. Fa is an informal equivalent. But whatever the way in which it's said, the answer may be 'Tofa soifua'.