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Talking to snakes in the Harry Potter series is known as 'Parselmouth' or 'Parseltongue.'

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2010-06-07 09:38:14
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Q: What is the name of the language that allows Harry Potter to talk to snakes?
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What is snake language in Harry Potter?

The language of Snakes in Harry Potter is referred to as Parseltongue.

What is Parseltongue in Harry Potter?

The language of snakes.

What language does Harry Potter use to speak to snakes?

Harry speaks Parseltounge.

What language could Harry Potter speak?

Harry Potter could speak Parseltounge the language of snakes. His lost this ability when the Horcrux inside him was destroyed.

What did Harry Potter say to open the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry Potter simply said open, but he did so in Parseltongue which is the language of snakes.

How did Harry Potter open the Chamber of Secrets?

Harry spoke Parseltounge, the language of snakes, in front of the entrance. The Chamber was designed to be used by those who could talk to snakes.

What animal language can Harry Potter speak?

Parseltongue, the language of snakes. Once the part of Lord Voldemort's soul inside Harry was destroyed, his lost this ability.

What type of language has been used in Harry Potter?

English is a West Germanic language, the native language of the authorAccording to the story, a few wizards, including Slytherin, Voldemort, and Harry Potter, can talk Parselmouth, the language of the snakes. The name, Parselmouth, has been invented by the author.

What learning experiences does Harry Potter have in the first Harry Potter movie?

That he was a wizard and that he can talk to snakes.

What language can both Harry Potter and Voldemort speak?

English and Parseltongue, the language of snakes. However after Harry is hit by the killing curse (therefore killing the part of Voldemrot inside him) Harry can no longer speak or understand Parseltounge.

With type of animal can Harry Potter communicate?


How many languages does Harry Potter speak?

Harry Potter can only speak one language, English. During the series it was discovered that he could speak and understand Parseltounge, the language of snakes. However, he could only do this because part of Lord Voldemort's soul was inside him and that was one of Voldemort's abilities. Once that Horcrux was destroyed, Harry could not longer communicate with snakes.

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